Uccelli da gabbia e da voliera by Andrea de Carlo

By Andrea de Carlo

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From your own hearthstone to the temples stone ? of the gods ? " After she had thus spoken Marcius replied that the country which had cast him out was not his, but rather the land which had given him shelter. No man, he said, loved one that wronged him, or hated one that did him good. He told her to cast her eyes upon the men there present with whom he had exchanged the pledge of mutual fidelity, who had granted him citizenship, and chosen him their general, and had intrusted to him their private interests.

E. Ursin. Select, eV larj kol de legatiouibus) CONCERNING THE KINGS V. From '^ The Embassies" When Tatius waged war against Romulus, the wives of the Romans, who were daughters of the Sabines, made peace between them. Advancing to the camp of the parents they held out their hands them and showed the infant children already born to them and their husbands, and testified that their husbands had done them no wrong. They prayed that the Sabines would take pity on themto selves, their sons-in-law, their daughters, and partly by their own their grandchildren, and an end to this unholy war between relatives, or first kill them in whose behalf it was begun.

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