Let's Study Urdu: An Introductory Course by Ali S. Asani, Syed Akbar Hyder

By Ali S. Asani, Syed Akbar Hyder

Let’s research Urdu! is a finished creation to the Urdu language that draws on a variety of real-life contexts, well known movie songs, and prized works of Urdu literature. A number of potent aural, oral, and written drills might help scholars grasp the language whereas holding them entertained. Let’s examine Urdu! presents scholars of various backgrounds, together with background audio system, the chance to augment their competency over simple grammatical buildings that will with ease use the language in Urdu-speaking milieus from South Asia, the center East, Europe, and North America.

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I can come after the verb: 4 3 2 1 Negative Particle Verb Complement Subject Iam (definitely/certainly) not American. n(to be). n v.. :::.... , ",:;,' He/Shellt is Plural Forms Weare You are You are They are v.. is the most common first person pronoun, although some people use the first person plural pronoun (' v.. in contexts that require a first person singular pronoun. " In several regions of North India, people use (' in the v.. context quite commonly. Yl J/,v: Iam American. I am American. We are American.

4 Asking Questions There arc several ways of asking questions in Urdu: 1. With a questioning intonation: Are you American? With this option no interrogative word is used and the questioning intonation consists of a slight rise in tone when pronouncing the complement. In this example the complement is the noun "American"; hence the intonation will rise slightly when the speaker pronounces this word. 2. t /1';"' Are you American? This is the simplest way of turning a statement into a question. Most questions that begin with V can be answered with either "yes" or "no"; hence this type of question is commonly called a yes-orono question.

Is Harlem in New York? 7 Introduction to Possessive Adjectives In this section, we will introduce only three possessive adjectives. A more detailed discussion and the grammatical construction of these adjectives will be included later. Possessive adjectives in Urdu, as in English, come before the nouns they modify. Possessive Adjective Noun Complement Verb I~ My name is Ali. J1). -.? (t -'7- ,.. I v! 11; v.. f ~J ~7- uti (I( I( ~1 -(" -7- v.. J• 1. ::.... i• , ~ ~ \:I -7- v.. ,(/' J--1. Translate into Urdu: 1.

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