Kesrith (The Faded Sun, 1) by C. J. Cherryh

By C. J. Cherryh

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The Books of Sorcery, Vol.5: The Roll of Glorious Divinity II (Exalted RPG)

A consultant to the Spirits of Malfeas and the Underworld during this 5th of Exalted s 5 Books of Sorcery, the character and powers of the myriad of ghosts and demons that experience endangered production because the Primordial conflict are explored. Eschewing the Cycle of Reincarnation, ghosts are an affront to the normal order, bringing extra energy to the Neverborn via their very lifestyles, or even extra so in the course of the Ancestor Cult, which promotes ghost worship.

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You have duties that are waiting," Eddan said sharply. "Dinner was held without you. Go and assist Liran at cleaning up. " "Sir," he said quietly, averted his face again and went his way below. Chapter THREE THE SHIP, a long voyage out from Elag/Haven, had shifted to the tedium that had possessed it before transition. Sten Duncan took a second look at the mainroom display and was disappointed to discover it had not yet noted the change. They had spent the longest normal-space passage he had ever endured getting out of Haven's militarily sensitive vicinity, blind and under tedious escort.

Niun flung a rock downslope, which splashed into a hot pool and disturbed the vapors. Peace. Peace on human terms, it would be. Regul had disregarded mri strategists at every crucial moment of the war. Regul would spend mri lives without stinting and they would pay the bloodprice to edunei that lost sons and daughters of the Kel, all because some regul colonial official panicked and ordered suicidal attack by the handful of mri serving him personally to cover his retreat and that of his younglings; but far less willingly would that same regul risk regul lives or properties.

For the years after Kiluwa's fall, Stavros had been in the XenBureau—retired to university life of late. He had children, had lost a grandson to the war at Elag/Haven. If Stavros hated regul either for Kiluwa or for the grandson's sake, he had never betrayed it. He seldom betrayed any emotion beyond a certain obsessive interest in the regul. Everything in Stavros was quiet; and there were depths and depths beneath that placidity. " Duncan sat down, disappointed, and waited. He had nothing else to do.

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