Cp2TiCl in Natural Product Synthesis

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Data) F. Roda and X. Mayor (unpub!. data) F. Roda and X. Mayor (unpub!. 4. Mean growth rate in stem diameter (mm year-I) of holm oak in the study sites. Mean values were obtained by dividing diameter increment by number of years in the period. - ~ ~ g. ~ CIl ~ ::c I» iil' ~ 9:" s= "" t""" '0 '" I» ::l. 6 Aboveground Production Net primary production in our experimental areas is rather low, as is usually the case in holm oak forests. 0 Mg ha- I year-I. 3 Mg ha- I year-I. 8 Mg ha- I year-I; Cole and Rapp 1981).

These distributions are consistent with the shade tolerance of holm oak, because uneven-aged stands of shade-tolerant species show steeply descending, monotonic, reverse-J shaped diameter distributions that can be approximated by the negative exponential and negative power functions (Lorimer and Krug 1983; Parker 1988; Abrams and Downs 1990). 4 Aboveground Biomass Holm oak forests usually have moderate biomass. Aboveground biomass tends to be limited by the normally short stature and small diameters of holm oaks in managed or previously managed stands (Fig.

Ann Sci For 49:91-109 Eckardt FE, Berger A, Methy M, Heim G, Sauvezon R (1978) Interception de I'energie rayonnante, echanges de C02, regime hydrique et production chez differents types de vegetation sous climat mediterraneen. In: Moyse A (ed) Les processus de la production vegetale primaire. Geobiologie, ecologie, amenagement. Gauthier-Villars, Paris, pp 1-75 Emberger L (1955) Une classification biogeographique des climats. Rec Trav Lab Bot-Zool Fac Sci Univ Montpellier Bot 7:3-43 EspeJta JM, Retana J, Gene C, Riba M (1993) Supervivencia de phintulas de pino carrasco (Pinus halepensis) y encina (Quercus ilex) en bosques mixtos de ambas especies.

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