Anabasis of Alexander: v. 1 (Loeb Classical Library) by Arrian

By Arrian

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AXt(a9Bp99 U, iwiMl airfiYi^Kdi) avrtp on iciphvvtvovaip oT Tt iWfSt KCLi rk vrro^vyia, €i pv( atrrov-i caTaXi^^frrr«4» n auT09 fX€P dvaXaffcav rofk ifiraarriark^ col row; ro^ora^ teal rov^ 'Ayoiapa^ teal twwia^ rerpaKoaiov^ iporjBct arrovc^' rk Bk &Kko arpd* revfia rrpb^ rfj w6\ei tiirtXiirtp, ms ^ff iixo- h rrapro^ rou TToXew? eTTiBpafiopre^ Xl VXavMP VXavtew rrpoaayatna "EvOa Bi) (vfifu^eiap. *A\€^avBpov alaOofievo^ ^/rXeiVfi rk Soff oi hk (vp i>i\tara aa^aXcav irrl ro arparovtCop U§am» Orjaav, *EB6kovp 5* h'^ rop *AX((aplpott hf hva» 22 1 ANABASIS OF ALBXANDBB, hr "tinilnnliiiiii hH vImi I.

RtM^' avror iraipo*s» apaXafiatnmt roi^ rwovt ««2 Ta9 ddXayva- airro^ hk hf wpo^uXaM§ 4r 7 OTTO ToD X6

On the otlMr fcoad, tlM hitlmw OThM ffWOlt« nfT WIU1I 01 PBOHNMQ pOOCTf ROfT MMflOD S vlUi to Mttlo tioobb to the vietori. the Undral trflwt wrcohiiif tho conploto nminiiwuH the cttjTt then OQO oi the ont fai Greece hi povcr ond mlhloffj pfOll%0» were qoitr naturally trt damn to dIvhM wroth: Thehot, »cn hMl th«t pokl the price, ot Icofth, of her hetroTol of the Ovook oo«m in tho Plenloa won. of her Mlnro of Flilooo doHpf lot ftoai J mA the troeo, of her cuwylili ihnaiiHl of tho PUtATAm. of tho lh« work of Thehoi, not of Gfcece—of moo who hod torrewlerod not to Thehet hot to SperU, of the devaototkn of the Plotoeoa eoontrjihict 00 which the Gferks, ranged ahoolder to ahooldrr ofoiact Ptenla, had rrprRed —own ofOioooc; oadlott^ofthevoto thai woe pot hrfore the alliet of SporU that tho AthcnhoM ahoyld be told into tloforT.

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